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Theme Tune For My Pet Previous Songs

Here are some of the previous theme tune for my pet songs I’ve written for clients. There are songs about dogs, cats, ducks, peacocks, foxes and much more. I will write a catchy song about your animal or pet as if they have their own TV show or cartoon. This is what Song For My Pet is all about, tuneful songs the whole family can sing.

The Good Dog With The Bad Breath & The Bad Dog With The Good Breath – A theme tune about Pepper & Parka with a British 1970s kids TV vibe.


Ferguson The Fox – A song about a boy and his beloved fox friend.


Long John Silver The Pirate Cat. He lost his leg when he went missing one day.


Pato Porco – He’s a little bit duck and a little bit pig. A theme tune for an imaginary kids tv show.



When Ralph Went Missing – The reason I started up Song For My Pet. Read more about it on the about page.

Burrito Burrito Little Parkacito – Parka The Cavapoo / Cavoodle (Poodle Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) and his quirks.


Teegy Weegy – Tegan The Westie / West Highland Terrier and what she likes to get up to all day long.


Pete The Peacock – Lichfield’s escaped and now very famous peacock roaming the streets of Lichfield, Staffordshire entertaining the passers by.


Duck Island – A counting ducks song for little kids. In a retro style like Brian Cant in Camberwick Green, Chigley, Trumpton.

Percy The Owl – A Theme Tune for an imaginary kids tv show that I write when I was ten and recorded properly a while back