Songs For Pets Pricing

There are songs to suit all budgets at Song For My Pet starting from just £50 / €55 / $65 USD  I only write lyrics in English but my services are available worldwide when writing songs for pets.

How its works

A 50% deposit is required to enable me to start work on a song. I will work out the basics and send you a very rough demo recording of the song. Then the remaining 50% needs to paid so I can start work on the professional studio recording of your track. Upon completion I will send you the song in MP3.

How to pay

Currently I only accept bank transfers .

Songs For Pets packages

Bronze Package – £50 / €55 / $65 USD

A simple acoustic track no longer than approx 60 seconds featuring a few verses and choruses of rhyming lyrics about your beloved pet. Like “When Ralph Went Missing” below. 



Silver Package – £100 / €110 / $130 USD

A more complex / built up song with keyboards and added instrument parts up to about 2 minutes long, Like ‘Silver The Pirate Cat’ below.



Gold Package – £200 / €220 / $260 USD

An even more built up song with extras such as drums, bass guitars. Up to about 2m30s to 3 minutes long. A little like ‘Pato Porco’ the pig duck song below. 




Platinum Package – £300 / €330 / $390 USD

An approx 3 minute song featuring all of the above plus multiple instruments, a middle eight section and a guitar / keyboard solo. A bit like “Ferguson The Fox” song below.



Added extras:

Chords & Lyrics : £10 / €12 / $13 USD I will email you a lovely PDF of the chords and/or also lyrics that you can print out and display on your wall in a picture frame.


Basic Video: £50 / €60 / $65 USD Email me photos of your pet and I will create a short montage video. Like this Pete The Peacock video below



Intermediate Video: £100 / €120 / $130 USD. Send me video footage of your pet and I will create a video from it. Like this “The Good Dog With The Bad Breath & The Bad Dog With The Good Breath” below.


Advanced Video: Price On Request: I will come to your home or agreed area and I will film you and your pet professionally with my camera rig and create a superb video for you. Just like this video for “Ferguson The Fox”.


Karaoke video:  £100 / €120 / $130 USD. Any of of the above video options with on screen lyrics and the main vocals removed from the song so you can singalong.